Efficiency-Boosting Case Management Software for Public Defenders

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Meeting the needs of public defender’s offices, no matter their size

Public defenders face many challenges, including heavy caseloads, complex legal procedures, and information overload. Additionally, manual processes, disjointed workflows, and information silos can create bottlenecks and delays, negatively impacting case outcomes. DEFENDERbyKarpel (DbK) is a comprehensive solution designed to tackle the efficiency challenges public defenders face. Our cutting-edge platform empowers public defenders to optimize their workflows and achieve peak efficiency. With DbK, you can save valuable time and allocate your efforts where they matter most — building a strong defense.
DbK offers a centralized and secure digital repository that eliminates the need for paper-based documentation. By enabling anywhere access to case files, evidence, and legal references, DbK helps public defenders foster better collaboration and enhance efficiency.
  • Eliminate cluttered desks
  • Embrace digital scheduling
  • Streamline processes for a more efficient public defender office
  • Easily attach and securely store various media formats
  • Benefit from integrated web-based scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) functions compliant with TWAIN standards
DbK’s document generation capabilities let public defenders streamline and standardize document creation processes, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Say goodbye to expensive third-party document storage and archival systems
  • Harness the full power of Microsoft Word Mail Merge tools
  • Automatically save all generated documents directly to their respective cases
  • Efficiently categorize documents for improved organization
  • Maintain full control over the security of confidential files
  • Generate documents simultaneously for multiple cases
Public defenders can optimize case management processes and reduce bottlenecks with DbK’s streamlined task assignment, tracking, and deadline management capabilities.
  • Consolidate multiple tasks into a single streamlined process
  • Enhance time management and increase overall efficiency
  • Foster greater accountability and responsibility
DbK‘s built-in court interface enables public defenders to embrace the convenience of electronic case filing by reducing paperwork, eliminating manual steps, and expediting the overall legal process. With DbK’s Electronic Docket control, public defenders can:
  • Automatically update the docket with upcoming events, eliminating the need to manually search for each individual case
  • Leverage the benefits of a paperless office to the fullest
  • Save valuable time spent on data entry after returning from court, freeing up hours of work
With DbK, public defenders can maintain comprehensive profiles and records of victims, witnesses, and defendants, facilitating personalized legal strategies based on individual circumstances.
  • Remove duplicates and errors with precision
  • Effortlessly locate all data and involvement types
  • Ensure accuracy and trackability with date stamping
  • Conduct comprehensive searches and efficiently organize data by individual
  • Clearly display the roles associated with a person, such as defendant, witness, and co-defendant
DbK’s hosting service is provided by Microsoft Azure for Government Cloud, ensuring a reliable and compliant infrastructure.
  • Save on costs without compromising quality
  • Utilize cloud-based infrastructure to eliminate the need for local resources
  • Benefit from built-in disaster recovery measures
  • Access data from any location
  • Ensure a 99.5% uptime guarantee for uninterrupted service
  • Comply with Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) regulations
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