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The only integrations solution public defenders need

Siloed data, duplicated efforts, and limited communication between different software or systems often hinder a public defender’s office’s productivity and operations. This fragmented approach leads to missed opportunities and operational delays.

DEFENDERbyKarpel (DbK) is designed specifically to address these problems. By integrating various software applications and streamlining workflows, DbK empowers public defenders to optimize their operations, enhance collaboration, and unlock the full potential of their data.

DbK integrates with court systems, enabling electronic case filing, data exchange, and synchronization of case information to eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors.
  • Use NIEM-compliant web services for efficient data sharing
  • Facilitate electronic transmission of initial filing data directly to the court
  • Include documents in the electronic transfer process
  • Easily import court events from court systems
DbK’s integration with popular calendar and email platforms not only ensures synchronization of important dates, hearings, and reminders, but also improves schedule management and case-related correspondence.
  • Generate appointments and tasks automatically using rule-based calculations
  • Quickly send invitations for appointments and tasks
  • Integrate with email for efficient communication
  • Establish calendar rules within Outlook for streamlined scheduling and organization
With DbK’s Westlaw® integration, public defenders get direct access to legal research, case law, statutes, and other valuable resources within the case management system, giving them a wealth of comprehensive legal information.
  • Charging attorneys can access legal research directly from DbK
  • Trial attorneys can stay up to date on the latest legal developments
  • Investigators can easily find the information they need
  • Administrative attorneys can improve their department’s efficiency
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