Comprehensive Information Management Solutions for Public Defenders

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Robust information management that brings order to the chaos

Public defender’s offices may struggle with an overwhelming amount of information, leading to inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and poor decision-making. Case details, evidence, and critical insights often become buried under a sea of documents, making processes more complicated than they have to be. DEFENDERbyKarpel (DbK) is a transformative solution, providing comprehensive information management capabilities. With DbK’s advanced tools, public defenders can effectively stay afloat in a sea of information, bringing order to chaos and unlocking the full potential of their data.
DbK offers powerful search functionality, enabling public defenders to quickly locate specific case information, evidence, and related documents. This saves time and ensures that critical details are readily accessible.
  • Leverage a powerful relational database
  • Comprehensively track and generate reports for cases
  • Utilize the collective institutional knowledge from all case files
  • Ensure accuracy and track changes with precise date stamping
  • Experience a fast and streamlined system to save valuable time and effort
With DbK, public defenders can effectively track financial information related to their cases, providing transparency and accuracy in financial management.
  • Efficiently monitor and manage financial information related to cases
  • Save time and effort while ensuring the integrity of financial data
  • Improve financial transparency and accuracy
  • Make informed decisions about resource allocation
  • Be prepared for audits by having organized financial records
DbK includes robust reporting capabilities, allowing public defenders to generate comprehensive reports on case progress, statistical analysis, and performance metrics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Get access to real-time data
  • Generate custom ad hoc reports to gain the flexibility needed to analyze data
  • Create user-customizable dashboards to better track data
  • Utilize hundreds of built-in canned reports for easier granular and inquiry reporting
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