Electronic Docket

Setting Control lets you manage your dockets

DEFENDERbyKarpel Electronic Docket called Setting Control is a unique feature designed to update a docket with upcoming events without having to search for each case individually. It is used by many attorneys in the courtroom and eliminates the need for files. Our customers save hours of manual data entry using Setting Control to update cases coming back from court. One customer stated that it used to take 4-6 hours to update cases after a large docket. But using Setting Control, it now only takes 20-30 minutes.

With DEFENDERbyKarpel Courtroom Calendar management module, attorneys and staff can take in information in real time as it happens in the Courtroom using laptops, tablets and other connected devices. By entering information in real time, work doesn’t have to wait on a file to make its way back to the office. Staff can begin to work on tasks immediately as the events happen in Court.

DEFENDERbyKarpel Electronic Docket control is:

  • Designed to update a docket with upcoming events without searching for each individual case
  • Especially used in paperless offices
  • Save hours of "back from court" data entry

Confidently take laptop computers to the courtroom instead of files. Attorneys have access to all case information through hyperlinks on our Court Face Sheet.

Save hours of manual data entry using Setting Control.